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Bassist, Composer, Tutor

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G, G for Goat a new single from PAG

New video from PAG this is the first single from our album Kong out on the 24/04/2020!

More videos and singles out next week please follow and subscribe:

And please consider supporting us and purchasing our music here:

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Seriously Exotic Goat Goes Electronic Swimming

What better way to spend the day at the beach than with your favourite Kitchen Appliances!

Nothing was left in the water or on the beach during the making of this film! join the herd clean the ocean!

Track from our first album “Psycho-Acoustic Goat” check it out here:

Produced by Psycho Acoustic Goat
Filmed by Natty Schnitzel and Totem Pole

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Pink Lady Review

Divide and Conquer review – Pink Lady


Mammoth Toe

​Pink Lady
self-released; 2018

​3.8 out of 5

By Jay Freeman

MAMMOTH TOE is a psychedelic/post-rock band from Bristol, UK. The three members of the band started out in 2016 and quickly booked a load of gigs, while also laying down an album’s worth of tracks in just three months. Sometime after, the founder of the group who is the bassist, decided to do some traveling, but during that time he had an unfortunate encounter with a white tail spider causing an infection and a subsequent skin graft. Man, sometimes you got to pay your dues if you want to rock – but, yikes! Despite this, the band pulled off one gig and the bass player was able to mix the band’s debut EP, Pink Lady, and release a solo album of his own. The band describes their sound as “big’ – creating grooves, rhythms and riffs that “people can latch onto.” Their influences are broad, but if you’re into the soundscape vibe of Jakob, and bands such as Russian Circles, Amplifier and Porcupine Tree, then have a listen.

“OcTOEpussy” starts things off with a fuzzy, psych-rock dreamy sound, coupled with a heavy epic rock style. I liked the drumming and there were a lot of great layers and textures going on, especially as the song further progressed. I think the band captured the soundscape style quite nicely. I’m not sure how they did the effects towards the end, but they were very cool.

The first song melts into “Pink Lady” – a song that sounds like what would happen if you played a record backwards. The drums break in on top of that, then more guitar effects and then, maddening energy for a short time, until somewhat returning back to how the song started. I think the highlight to this number was – well, everything – but especially the groove happening between the bass player and the drummer. A lot of great twists and turns in there, too many to mention.

“GorgonZilla” features a lighter sound with melodious guitar and crisp, rim shot/hi-hat playing to start off. Some great echoing effects, too. After a bit, the band funks up the beat and then goes into a psychedelic vibe, light and airy. After four minutes, the band doesn’t hold back – reaching into a fury of sound and making me wonder how the hell they even achieved it. They cut off the song abruptly, kind of leaving the listener hanging, which I thought was brilliant!

The last tune is “HousePlant” and it’s by far the longest on the EP. The intro is spacey and “magical” sounding as if something fantastical is about to occur – in my opinion, it would do nicely on some science fiction concept album. The drums come in after three minutes in a jazz-like, slow rhythmic way, while the key effects and guitars are layered on top. This one has that special epic narrative quality that makes me want to break out my copy of Floyd’s Dark Side of Moon. Further in, the band juxtaposes these dreamy sounds with explosive energy that’s fused with rock-funk-progressiveness – damn sweet! The band bounces back and forth between those two styles again until sometime after the nine-minute mark they just go full bore, holding nothing back. And the ending here again, made me ask – how did they do that?  And while I may or may not figure that one out, how about in the meantime, a full-length album.

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Elevate Review

Divide and Conquer said a few things about my solo album. If you haven’t heard the album please check it out and if you feel generous and supportive please purchase the album from Bandcamp or Itunes.


Marcus Gee


3.8 out of 5

By Jamie Funk

When an artist decides to make an album there is a lot they need to think about. One of the things is the palette of sounds. In today’s world it’s almost overwhelming with a countless amount of virtual instruments and effects that are available to everyone. The latest release entitled Elevate by Marcus Gee is an album that explores the bass. It’s an instrument that usually doesn’t get much credit unless you are Flea, Les Claypool or Victor Wooten.

The album also contains some vocal work but it’s really never at the focal center of any of the songs. “Elevate” is the opening track and it doesn’t take long for Gee to display his technical ability. At points the instrument sounds more like a guitar. There are some slight effects like delay which gives the song a slight pad to rest upon.

“Smoked Out” contains some vocal work. The song however had a familiar style to the opener “Elevate.” “Psycho-Acoustic Horse” opens us to more of his abilities. Gee implements harmonics and a little more slap on this song. The bass work felt like ear candy.

“Angora Bait” slows things down and is a very ambient piece. It’s more hypnotic. The vocals are very distant and covered in large amounts of hall reverb. That being said there are some dynamic moments as well. “Personal Jolly Japer” features more prominent vocals while “Kimberly DnB” implements what sounds like percussive elements into the song.

“Vessels” is technically impressive and arguably has some of the catchiest vocal melodies. “Every 5 Minutes” is another atmospheric piece that feels more cerebral and meditative while “Saanen Balloon” provides some very impressive technical skills. Last up is “Psycho-Acoustic Flamingo” which sort of puts an exclamation point on his diverse abilities to sum things up.

Elevate has a broad appeal but if you also happen to appreciate technical ability and minimalism I would check out this album.

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MAMMOTH TOE – HousePlant cinematic

Here’s a Cinematic that was filmes down under last year. A video I recently revisited to finish the mixing and editing! Although a very different style, it is a slight throw back to the the shambolique days when I played the part of Mr Death as part of the set. He has been reborn in this Psychedelic cinematic. Please help yourself to the sound track. Also please show your support and purchase the full version on our mini album PinkLady: bandcamp, itunes.

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Elevate – Solo Bass Album

My debut solo album is now available on Spotify, itunes and bandcamp please support and check it out. Entirely bass as a solo no overdubs allowed.

Purchase on Itunes

Purchase on Bandcamp

My blog entry ‘to the bass we rely on’ described some of my travels 2017-2018 which ended with me in hospital with a broken leg. The leg became infected with bacteria that was believed to have stemmed from a white tail spider bite in Australia. The injury became quite the saga which caused some huge worry in hospital and to be fair still does. I’ve been told several times I’m lucky to still have my leg. After a total of 6 weeks in hospital 5 operations, 10 weeks on a drip and the plate being removed the saga continued with a kid falling on it in November which knocked me back by about 3 months. I’m well aware that I’ve been fortunate compared to many people so I won’t blabba on about it or post the gammy leg pictures :). It has been a tad frustrating to say the least and a few things have helped occupy my mind from the anxiety and stress. Mixing the Mammoth Toe EP and putting Elevate together served as an escape and gave me some focus while I was incapacitated.

Elevate consists of  a collection of my solo bass tracks, most of which written on my travels and then refined and recorded over the summer when I was practically house-bound. Thanks to my very patient parents for all the care and putting up with the continuous bass bonking whilst I recorded the album (much to the neighbours distaste, sorry neighbours!). Thanks to spoon face for the artwork and schnitzel for the graphics and laying it out ready to print.

Elevate is entirely a solo bass album no overdubs were allowed, percussion and effects were tracked live. Please check it out and get in touch to let me know what you think. I wish everyone the best health and most fantastic jolly japes!

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Mammoth Toe – Debut EP Out now!

Here we are then! We are pleased to announce our digital release of our Debut EP Pink Lady! It took some time due to a hiatus within the herd, a smashed up laptop and myself being quarantined to hospital because of an infected fractured leg: In the end most of it was mixed from my hospital bed! Please enjoy our sounds and support us by downloading and streaming from the following links:

Purchase on Itunes

Purchase on Bandcamp

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We are actually back! The Mammoth TOE EP is mastered, we have shows in coming the first of which supporting our pals FUTURE LIVES for their album launch at the crofters rights 16/11/18

In the meantime Here’s a cinematic of a track from our debut EP ‘Pink Lady’

OcTOEpussy: Recruited from the streets after escaping from hospital this chap teaches his intelligent habits