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Elevate Review

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Divide and Conquer said a few things about my solo album. If you haven’t heard the album please check it out and if you feel generous and supportive please purchase the album from Bandcamp or Itunes.


Marcus Gee


3.8 out of 5

By Jamie Funk

When an artist decides to make an album there is a lot they need to think about. One of the things is the palette of sounds. In today’s world it’s almost overwhelming with a countless amount of virtual instruments and effects that are available to everyone. The latest release entitled Elevate by Marcus Gee is an album that explores the bass. It’s an instrument that usually doesn’t get much credit unless you are Flea, Les Claypool or Victor Wooten.

The album also contains some vocal work but it’s really never at the focal center of any of the songs. “Elevate” is the opening track and it doesn’t take long for Gee to display his technical ability. At points the instrument sounds more like a guitar. There are some slight effects like delay which gives the song a slight pad to rest upon.

“Smoked Out” contains some vocal work. The song however had a familiar style to the opener “Elevate.” “Psycho-Acoustic Horse” opens us to more of his abilities. Gee implements harmonics and a little more slap on this song. The bass work felt like ear candy.

“Angora Bait” slows things down and is a very ambient piece. It’s more hypnotic. The vocals are very distant and covered in large amounts of hall reverb. That being said there are some dynamic moments as well. “Personal Jolly Japer” features more prominent vocals while “Kimberly DnB” implements what sounds like percussive elements into the song.

“Vessels” is technically impressive and arguably has some of the catchiest vocal melodies. “Every 5 Minutes” is another atmospheric piece that feels more cerebral and meditative while “Saanen Balloon” provides some very impressive technical skills. Last up is “Psycho-Acoustic Flamingo” which sort of puts an exclamation point on his diverse abilities to sum things up.

Elevate has a broad appeal but if you also happen to appreciate technical ability and minimalism I would check out this album.

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