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Elevate – Solo Bass Album

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My debut solo album is now available on Spotify, itunes and bandcamp please support and check it out. Entirely bass as a solo no overdubs allowed.

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My blog entry ‘to the bass we rely on’ described some of my travels 2017-2018 which ended with me in hospital with a broken leg. The leg became infected with bacteria that was believed to have stemmed from a white tail spider bite in Australia. The injury became quite the saga which caused some huge worry in hospital and to be fair still does. I’ve been told several times I’m lucky to still have my leg. After a total of 6 weeks in hospital 5 operations, 10 weeks on a drip and the plate being removed the saga continued with a kid falling on it in November which knocked me back by about 3 months. I’m well aware that I’ve been fortunate compared to many people so I won’t blabba on about it or post the gammy leg pictures :). It has been a tad frustrating to say the least and a few things have helped occupy my mind from the anxiety and stress. Mixing the Mammoth Toe EP and putting Elevate together served as an escape and gave me some focus while I was incapacitated.

Elevate consists of  a collection of my solo bass tracks, most of which written on my travels and then refined and recorded over the summer when I was practically house-bound. Thanks to my very patient parents for all the care and putting up with the continuous bass bonking whilst I recorded the album (much to the neighbours distaste, sorry neighbours!). Thanks to spoon face for the artwork and schnitzel for the graphics and laying it out ready to print.

Elevate is entirely a solo bass album no overdubs were allowed, percussion and effects were tracked live. Please check it out and get in touch to let me know what you think. I wish everyone the best health and most fantastic jolly japes!

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