Marcus Gee

Bassist, Composer, Tutor

Hoots to Hootananny Brixton Last Friday

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Review from Hootananny, Cheers fella’s:

How shall we describe Shambolique? (No, we won’t play with the band name!) but think Madness, think Punk, think 80s, think Fun, think social awareness. This Bristol-made band of gypsy funksters know how to throw a party on stage, no better illustrated than their infectious ra-ra political “Get A Haircut” which sent fans into rhapsodic imbalance. The band went nuts and the crowd went ape. The gig finished with Dr Death on guitar which was a hell of a way to go out. You may not be making babies to Shambolique’s feisty rhythms but after those babies are born you may want to throw a rambunctious party that’s stunningly shamboli-que.

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